What is the best in Sony Xperia C5 Ultra?

What is best in Sony Xperia C5 Ultra? If you start looking at the best features of this Smartphone, you will start with its slim design and lightweight. It is only 8.2 mm thick and its weight is only 187 g. But it has more than slim design and light weight.

If you look at its specification, you would notice something not available in other phones of its range. Start looking from its design and then move on to its camera features. It is where you would find a difference in this ultra phone and Smartphones of other brands. Sony Xperia C5 Ultra carries a robust 13MP front facing selfie camera.

Taking selfies is the latest trend. Users can see their pictures on the big size 6 inch screen of the ultra slim phone and click perfect images. Also they can upload the pictures on social media from the phone. Sony Xperia C5 Ultra comes with advance CPU and connectivity features that allow quick connectivity to Internet.
Visit more details of Key Features and Specifications https://www.tablethub.co.uk/specifications/sony-phones/sony-xperia-c5-ultra/

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