What is new in the new Apple iPhone 6s Plus?

As expected, Apple iPhone 6s Plus is launched with much fanfare. It is latest Smartphone in market and it is smarter than its counterparts that are HTC and Samsung that are giving the toughest competition to Apple. Let’s discuss the features that make the new iPhone different from its counterparts.

Force Touch

Apple watch has this feature but in iPhone, it is called 3D touch. Users can easily enter into the menu, switch between applications, examine photos and even select songs to playlist with this feature. 3D touch allows quick access to shortcuts from home screen. For instance take messaging. If you want to send a message, you can use the feature to access the messaging service directly from the contact.

If you are reading an email and want to get more information, simply press the mail and the information will surface on the phone screen. Pressing hard will help in viewing all the photos of a contact and if you are playing a game, the hard press will give you close look of the action. The force touch or 3D touch as it is called for Apple iPhone 6s Plus will certainly give a boost to functionality of the phone. But it is to be seen whether this feature makes the new iPhone competitive for its counterparts.

Camera & Video

12 MP camera from standard 8 MP sensor is a huge jump. Also there are advance features that make the sensor more intelligent. Autofocus is improved and also there is something in new color accuracy. While other phones provide a dedicated flash light for front facing camera, the new iPhone uses the display for flash light. The display lights up when a selfie is taken. In other words, the front facing camera becomes more powerful with the flash.


If look and feel matters then the buyers will certainly appreciate the new color and design. Apple iPhone 6s Plus has got an all new color called rose gold. Also Apple boasts that the new phone is stronger than its predecessors. Metal used in making body of the phone has applications in aerospace industry. A type of aluminum alloy is used for making the case and the new metal is really stronger than the aluminum used by other phone manufacturers.

After going through the advance features of the phone, it becomes mandatory to discuss the areas it is lacking in. No doubt that Apple iPhone 6s Plus is a good phone and also it has created ripples in the already overcrowded Smartphone market but this phone lacks beautiful design.

There is no change in design. It is difficult to differentiate between 6s Plus and its predecessors as the new iPhone looks similar to its predecessors. It seems that Apple didn’t work hard on the design area and for this reason the phone lacks attractive design.


Apple iPhone 6s Plus is certainly an advance Smartphone. It packs latest technology processor that Apple boasts of being faster than its earlier processors. The A9 processor used in 6s Plus is 70% faster than its predecessor.

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