The best contract deals for iPad Mini 3 buyers

Once the iPad Mini became popular, Apple started launching its advance versions. There was iPad Mini 2 and now there is Mini 3 that is considered the most advanced tablet computer. Similarly networks upgraded their deals to cash in on the popularity of iPad Mini tablets. For Mini 3, there are iPad Mini 3 contract deals.

Just like Mini 3 packs new technology, the deals pack new offers. In addition to free data usage, minutes and texts, the users are offered facilities like discount on roaming. Vodafone was first to announce the deals and its deals are simply the best. Vodafone has two 24 months deals for iPad Mini 3 buyers and both the deals pack tempting offers. iPad Mini 3 is an expensive device and for this reason Vodafone is charging an upfront fee for the device.

Considering the popularity and price of iPad Mini 3, Vodafone is right in charging an upfront amount. But the amount is kept low. If you buy a 24 months contract on £37 line rental then you will be charged a meager £9 as an upfront plan cost but you will get more than you will be charged. The plan bundles 10 GB free data at 4G speed among other benefits.

There is a way to reduce the line rental but the upfront money would increase. Second plan costs £32 and it has an upfront fee of £29 and it packs 3 GB free data at 4G speed. These are the best iPad Mini 3 contracts buyers can find.

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