iPad Mini 2-Things You Should Know Before Buying

As per the revelations made from Apple, the latest in the iPad series and the first of its kind of 2nd generation iPad Mini, iPad mini 2 is going to be out in the market by late November this year. This device is going to look sleek and will have light weight and will be provided with many improved features as compared to its predecessors.

iPad Mini 2 is going to have four times the resolution of the original iPad mini with 2048×1526 pixels and having pixel density of 326 ppi and display being 7.9”. The original iPad mini was lacking the processor capacity as it was using the processor of the older iPad 2 but iPad mini 2 is using A7 chip making it ideal for the future with its 64-bit device. There is a M7 motion co-processor used in iPad Mini 2. Gamers would find it quite enjoyable to play games in this iPad Mini 2 because of improved graphics and the graphics being 8-times faster than the previous iPad.

Now users will have more option to use music, videos and photos as iPad Mini 2 will have storage capacity ranging from 16 GB to 128 GB. The noticeable changes that iPad Mini 2 will have regarding communication are dual-antenna Wi-Fi support for MIMO ensuring about double the transfer speed as compared to the original iPad Mini. There is Bluetooth 4.0.

Cameras in iPad Mini 2 have no major changes as far as revelations made. It will have a 5MP iSight snapper on the back with 1080 video and will have FaceTime HD webcam in the front. The auto focus will be faster because it has faster A7 and still and video photography with better stabilization.

The 16GB Wi-Fi only version of IPad Mini 2 will cost around £319, about £ 50 more than that of original iPad Mini. Till the devise is on sale, we have to wait and see whether speculations match with the original device or not.

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