iPad Mini 2 – Retina Display Makes the difference

Apple has already announced the specification of iPad mini 2 and its high resolution retina display is going to keep it ahead of its predecessors. This is the first generation of small tablet with about four times more performance than its earlier ones.

With an HD display of 7.9” screen, iPad mini 2 is almost at par with the full-sized iPad and iPhone. With the display screen it has, it will be better for the users to read the texts on the websites and also to enjoy e-books. The resolution is double with 2048×1526 and with 326 ppi. The internal components in iPad Mini 2 are much more improved. A7 64-bit processor is used with improved graphics processing thus making this tablet much better for gaming.

iPad Mini 2 has 10-hour battery life and a 5-megapixel camera in the rear to enjoy photo and video shoots. iPad Mini 2 is available in two different color-combinations-silver with white, grey with black. The starting price of this device is $399 for 16 GB Wi-Fi only version. The 4 G iPad Mini costs $529

It is speculated that iPad mini will face stiff competition from high resolution small Android tablets e.g. Google Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle Fire HDX.

iPad Mini 2 offers better communications with dual-antenna Wi-fi support for MIMO. iPad Mini 2 has a sleek look with a length of 9.7” and thickness of 7.5” and weighing about 469 gm( this is the lightest full-sized tablet till date

Apple has not confirmed any particular date when this new generation iPad will go on for sale but it states that it will be done in later November.

iPad Mini 2 is expected to come with retina display but what supply experts anticipate is that there will be issues related to the production of this new mini tablet and there may be delay in the release of the same.

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