How Apple iPad Air is useful for businesses?

When Apple iPad Air’s specifications got revealed people had different views about it. Some said it is not very productive but there are enough reasons to consider it to be a good device for business use.

Good Battery Life

As per the specifications revealed by Apple, the new iPad Air is supposed to have battery life of ten hours but those who have used that , the battery life is much more than that. Apple’s new tablet can be used for the entire day.

Impeccable Connectivity

If you are one of those office executives who have to travel a lot then this new Apple iPad Air is going to offer impeccable connectivity. The iOS devices which were in the market could support for a fixed range of carriers. If you are an ardent traveler then you would probably carry different SIMs for different destinations but they could be used only if they had right baseband support. Now with iPad Air support for different carriers is allowed with one baseband chip.


It is easy to carry Apple iPad Air because it is lightweight. This is the lightest and thinnest tablet that is currently available in the market.

Improved Graphics

Reviews say that graphics performance of iPad Air is about 40-70 % better than that of its predecessor. iPad Air is about 80% faster than that of iPad 4.

Lots of Apps offered

iPad Air comes with lots of apps. The iPad comes with 475,000 apps optimized for iPads. The existing apps are being used by more than 35,000 firms.

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