Five features the iPad Air 3 tablet must have

The world knows some of the features of the much talked about and waited iPad Air 3 tablet but do the Apple knows what users want to see in the third generation iPad Air tablet?

We’ve summed up five must have features that users want to see in the new iPad. In addition to a Smart Connector port, improved rear camera and four quad stereo speakers, the users want some more features in the iPad Air 3.

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A stylish cellular antenna

Rumors are that the ugly plastic backplate on top of rear of iPhones will be replaced with rear antenna bands in cellular models. iPhone 7 would come with this feature but users want it in iPad Air 3 tablet too.

32 GB for base model

16 GB is the entry level of Apple products but this has to done away with especially for iPad Air tablet, if Apple wants to see a jump in its iPad sales. Most users want to buy 32 GB model but have to settle with 16 GB for want of money.

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A 9X chip

Apple boasts that A 9X chip is the fastest chip and this chip is used in iPad Pro, predecessor of iPad Air 3 tablet. Now users won’t accept that the advance tablet comes with a less powerful chip.

Apple Pencil support

iPad Pro has it but Pro is a big slate. It will be good, if Apple provides this feature in the advance iPad Air 3 tablet. Graphic designers and artists would appreciate Apple’s wisdom, if the new iPad Air comes with Apple’s stylus.

Rose Gold color

iPhone 6S is the first Apple device to come in this color and not it has become choice of everyone. Shouldn’t Apple think of providing Rose Gold color option in iPad Air 3 tablet?

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