Apple iPhone 6s is a phone for those who like taking selfies

Is Apple iPhone 6S big brother of iPhone 6? If you hold both the phones in hand, you will find no difference in design and size of the phones. If you don’t know that one of the phones is a 6s then you will think that you are holding iPhone 6 in both of your hands.

The difference between 6s and its predecessor becomes clear on using the phone. iPhone 6s comes with some amazing features like 3D touch that is a pressure technique to open the phone menu and access important features. Color of the 6s is also different from its predecessor. Also the 6s comes with a huge 12 MP camera.

3D touch allows the users to control the phone menu by pressing hard on the screen. With this feature, it becomes easy for the users to open selected menu option in a hassle free manner. You see the icon you want to access and you press the icon to use the feature. In other words, the 3D touch feature makes the phone more user-friendly.

See the camera. It is 12 MP and the camera is so efficient that you can beat any advance digital camera with your iPhone 6. The rear facing camera comes with phase detection, autofocus, dual-LED flash and other features. And the front facing 5 MP camera is specially designed for taking selfies. The new way to take selfies is to light up the display screen instead of providing LED flash.

When you take selfi with iPhone 6s, the display becomes flash light needed for taking clear pictures. Also the display can customize the color it flashes to match with the lighting environment. It is first time that a phone is designed for taking selfies. Today phone users are more interested in camera features of their phones instead of other features.

The new Apple iPhone 6s is said to have better connectivity options. It is has both Wi-Fi and LTE options for connecting to the virtual world. The wide 4.7 inch screen becomes a displays web pages and icons in 16M colors. Both iPhone 6 and 6s are of same dimensions hence users will find no difference in both the phones.

If you are upgrading your iPhone 6 to 6s then it is a good choice. Apple iPhone 6s is a technically advance phone with smart features. The new iPhone 6s is available at $199 for two years contract and it is a good choice for those looking for an upgrade. The phone is made of aluminum used for aerospace purposes and it comes in a color not available in earlier phones or in its counterparts.

Apple iPhone 6s is able to accommodate needs of Smartphone users. It is best in many ways. Whether it is camera, processor or platform, it has everything new. It can be in no way called an upgrade of iPhone 6 that was its predecessor. The new Apple iPhone 6s has changed definition of Smartphones and also it has raised the quality bar for its counterparts.

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